Sennheiser has brought some love to the table, with extra special pricing for Evolution Wireless IEM systems – from now until 30th April, 2017.
We love to blow our own trumpet and say that we came up with the extra special pricing… but it’s actually come from all the way up top, and all around the world there are extra special deals on Sennheiser EW300IEM products.

Sennheiser Wireless Monitor pricing information

Let’s get straight to it. Each of the two models has three (3) different frequency sets available in Australia, so we have a total of SIX specials.
Of course, we thought it would be nice to sweeten the deal and show a bit of extra good-old-Factory-Sound-love, so we’re throwing in a set of COMPLY T-400 isolation tips (more on that below).
EW300IEMG3-AS (520 – 558 MHz) – complete system with BONUS T-400 COMPLY tips, $1,199
EW300IEMG3-B (626 – 668 MHz) – complete system with BONUS T-400 COMPLY tips, $1,199
EW300IEMG3-G (566 – 608 MHz) – complete system with BONUS T-400 COMPLY tips, $1,199

A note on frequency selection:

Of course, the other reason so many people come to Factory Sound for all things IEM-related, is that we are RF specialists for Australian conditions. Whether you need one system, a dozen systems, or some desperate technical advice, do what the working professionals do. Come to Factory Sound and get looked after.
We will ask the right questions, and ensure that you have got the right product for your circumstances.

Dual receiver systems

Sennheiser released their ‘second reciver’ option a few years ago. It has proven to be one of the most popular choices amongst performers, productions companies, schools and theatres.
Like the ‘single systems’ listed above, these dual systems include the mains-powered transmitter (with a GA3 rackmount kit to use, if you choose), but you get an additional EK300IEM receiver, and a second set of IE4 earphones.
It already represents excellent value, but this limited-time special offers goes above and beyond ‘just’ good value.
EW300-2IEMG3-AS (520 – 558 MHz) – complete system with two EK300IEM receivers, plus BONUS T-400 COMPLY tips, $1,399
EW300-2IEMG3-B (626 – 668 MHz) – complete system with two EK300IEM receivers, plus BONUS T-400 COMPLY tips, $1,399
EW300-2IEMG3-G (566 – 608 MHz) – complete system with two EK300IEM receivers, plus BONUS T-400 COMPLY tips, $1,399
If you’re thinking of either jumping into wireless IEM, or extending your existing inventory… make it happen before the end of April. It’s a great deal.

Hear more with comply tips

Just in case you missed the blog article from last week, you should get to know COMPLY a little better.

If you’d rather skip the long text and break it down to a couple of sentences:

We’re often asked for tips and tweaks to improve IEM performance. The best results are going to come when you go and get molds made for your own ears.
When it’s the experimental stage at the beginning of your in-ear relationship though, there’s a great way to improve your performance.
COMPLY foam tips offer superior sound isolation, in-ear retention and comfort. With options for Westone, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Ultimate Ears and loads more, they’re the simplest way to immediately improve your in-ear clarity and isolation from other stage sound.
We are giving you a free set of COMPLY T-400 isolation tips, if you take up the great Sennheiser EW300IEM deal – before the end of April, 2017.