No Summer, No Problem!

The failure of our Melbourne summer to launch into any meaningfully memorable temperatures this year has led to us all working a little bit harder than usual on our studio tans.

Spending so much time in the studio has got us thinking. So… we’ve come up with a nice list of Summer Studio Specials. Note; some items are display stock.

These offers are available until the end of February 2023, OR when stock is depleted. (no rain-checks….once they’re gone, they’re gone)

This Genelec 8030 nearfield monitor is a big step up from entry-level studio monitors. Right now, we’ve got a few extra in stock – so it’s the perfect time to grab a bargain.

Our favourite Finnish company has been producing studio monitors since 1978 – and this magnificent 8000 series has been around since 2004. Genelec is a big favourite at Factory Sound

Manager’s Specials

Studio Monitors


Close to the heart, as the soul of a studio, your microphone choices are super important to make sure you capture the talent in the best (most appropriate) way possible.

Here’s a short list of some microphones currently in our SUMMER STUDIO SALE – check back every few days – you may just find a few nice additions!

Interfaces, Preamps & DAW Controllers

These are the bits you’ll want right at your fingertips during a studio session. Whether it’s a microphone preamp, compressor, DAW controller, software or interface – they’re all essential tools for your studio. Like all the items in our Summer Studio Sale, these prices are valid until 28th February 2023 – unless stock is depleted first (no rain-checks available). Check back during February – we’ll be adding more as we go!

Speakers for Live Sound

Powered PA speakers don’t often find a home in the studio, but since we found a big heap of these at the right price – we’re sharing the love around.

Chances are, if you’re spending any amount of time in the studio, you may end up gigging as well.

If you need a pair of speakers, the nicely appointed Electrovoice ZLX-12P-BT (with their Bluetooth capabilites) are a great choice for either front-of-house or floor monitor applications.