Studio Microphones

The best studio microphone for any situation is always such a personal choice of taste. Small diaphragm (pencil) condenser microphones can be super accurate for room recording, choir and orchestral recording. Large diaphragm condenser microphones are often used for vocals and a variety of instruments, as they impart a particular sound with their 1" or larger diaphragm. Tube or valve condenser microphones have an even greater amount of character to impart on a recording. The most popular studio recording mic brands at Factory Sound are Neumann, AKG, Rode, Sennheiser, DPA, Royer, AudioTechnica and more

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  • Blue KIWI Solid State Multi-Pattern Microphone RRP: $3,499.00
  • DPA 4006C Compact Omnidirectional Condenser - transparent, flat and ideal for recording Our Price: $2,590.00
  • Sony C100 Dual Capsule multipattern studio condenser Our Price: $2,595.00
  • DPA MMC4006 Omnidirectional Microphone Capsule - 4000 series Our Price: $2,245.00
  • DPA 4017B Reference Series Shotgun Microphone (with filters) Our Price: $2,070.00
  • DPA 4011A Cardioid Condenser - transparent, ideal for recording and concert hall applications Our Price: $1,999.00
  • DPA 4015A Wide Cardioid Condenser, Reference Standard series Our Price: $1,999.00
  • AKG C414XLII Studio Condenser Our Price: $1,580.00
  • DPA 4011C Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Compact Our Price: $1,840.00
  • DPA 4015C Wide Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Compact Our Price: $1,840.00
  • Neumann TLM107 Multipattern studio condenser Our Price: $1,939.00
  • AKG C414XLS Studio Condenser Our Price: $1,799.00
Showing: 13 - 24 of 96