Playback and Recording

Dedicated playback and recording devices may include the hugely popular handheld field recorders by Zoom, Roland and Tascam, or some rackmount CD players with Bluetooth connectivity. While laptops and many iOS devices are also convenient choices for recording, this category is purely for the standalone variety of players and recorder. For computer based solutions, check out our Computer Recording section.

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  • Tascam DR60D High Quality Audio Recorder for DSLR Filmmaking RRP: $599.00
  • ZOOM H5 Handy Recorder - 4 track Our Price: $395.00
  • ZOOM H4nPRO Handy Recorder - 4 channel, handheld Our Price: $369.00
  • ZOOM Q4N Handy video recorder RRP: $499.00
  • ZOOM F1-SP F1 Field Recorder and Shotgun Mic Our Price: $390.00
  • Tascam DR40 Handheld 4-track recorder Our Price: $339.00
  • ZOOM H2N Portable recorder - with M/S feature Our Price: $285.00
  • ZOOM F1-LP F1 Field Recorder and Lavalier Mic Our Price: $258.00
  • ZOOM Q2N Handy video recorder - palm size RRP: $299.00
  • ZOOM H1n Portable micro SD card recorder Our Price: $175.00
  • ZOOM H1 Portable micro SD card recorder Our Price: $175.00
  • ZOOM SGH-6 Shotgun Capsule for H5 & H6 Handy Recorder Our Price: $155.00
Showing: 13 - 24 of 36