Memory Card Case - SD/SD Mini

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RRP: $46.52

Pelican 0915 memory card case is very useful for protecting your most valuable assets when the shoot/recording is done - or at least part of the way done!

It can store up to 12 SD cards, 6 mini SD cards and 6 micro SD cards.

The insert liner absorbs shock and protects memory cards. Outer protective casing is made from a super-tough polycarbonate resin, and has a water resistant seal.

Please note - the IPX4 rating means that you do not want to submerge this case. It is resistant to water and dust, but is by no means considered to be waterproof.

Exterior Dimensions:
14.1 x 8.3 x 2.2 cm (L x W x D)

Body: Polycarbonate
Foam: Elastomer
Latch: ABS
Lid O-Ring: Silicon rubber
Pins: Nickel-plated brass

Photo of PELICAN 0915 available from Factory Sound
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