Australian Monitor

Australian Monitor AMX526

Desktop paging microphone with switch

Order Code: AMX526
RRP: $139.00

If you need a simple solution for desktop paging, this is your go-to microphone. Unlike most of the other options, which have to be wired into a specialised paging and/or EVAC system, the AMX526 comes hard wired with and XLR connector, so you can plug in anywhere.

The switch is a 3-position lever with 'OFF' as the centre spot. Pull towards you and hold for momentary talk, or push away from you to latch into 'lengthy monologue' mode.

Photo of Australian Monitor AMX526 available from Factory Sound
  • Amx526
  • Amx526


  • Lever type push to talk switch
  • Unidirectional pattern
  • Good quality balanced microphone
  • Comes with 3-pin XLR
  • 600 ohms