Hosa PDR369

Patch Bay, 12-point, XLR3F to XLR3M

Order Code: PDR369
Our Price: $215.00

Simple XLR rack-mountable patch panel. As standard, the PDR369 ships with your 12 x XLR 'inputs' (female XLR) on the front, straight wired through to the 12 x XLR male output on the rear.

There are no fancy electronics, no splitting, mixing or level control. It is simply a way of getting signal neatly into a rack, and you decided where it goes from there by patching cables.

OR - you can use this as an output rack by simply flipping the orientation of the rack ears. It's super-easy to have your outputs on the front of this rackmount patch panel.

Photo of Hosa PDR369 available from Factory Sound

Connector(s): 12 x (XLR3F to XLR3M)