Stainless steel pop filter with gooseneck

Order Code: SHIELD-GN
Our Price: $79.99

Like anything ASTON has turned their attention to, SHIELD-GN has been designed and built to do the job perfectly.

The ‘no limp gooseneck’ policy, coupled with a big, sturdy ‘crocodile clip’ ensures this shield not only stays in the perfect position, it’s also quick and easy to get it there.

The pop filter itself features a solid stainless steel shield, with precisely acid etched hexagonal filter holes.

It gives you a large surface area - 158 x 135 mm (curved), so the vocalist can always be in the right spot for a perfect vocal take. Crystal clear vocals, with excellent acoustic performance, and (of course) first-grade pop control.

Also available: SwiftShield, same shield configuration, with microphone shock mount included instead of gooseneck.

Photo of ASTON SHIELD-GN available from Factory Sound
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  • Shield-gn-detail

Shield-GN features:

  • Ultimate pop reduction
  • Solid stainless steel pop shield with 'Hextech' filter holes
  • Ultra-fast mounting system
  • Mounts to any stand
  • Deluxe gooseneck
  • Hygienic washable filter
  • Large surface area
Shield surface area: 158 x 135 mm
Gooseneck length: 392 mm
Shield weight: 49.8 g
Gooseneck weight: 218.4 g
Total weight: 268.2 g