Presonus StudioChannel

Vacuum Tube Channel Strip

Our Price: $499.00

Single rackspace signal amp combining "Class A tube preamplifier, VCA-based compressor and three-band parametric equalizer perfect for the professional and project studio"

Actually, that about sums it up nicely. StudioChannel although being built for the studio is also a winner if you want a bit more grunt on your vocal or bass channel when playing live. Straight in for bass, or run it as an insert for your vocals.

Dimensions 1U rackmount
Height 44.45 mm
Depth 139.7 mm
Width 482.6 mm
Weight 2.27 kg
Photo of Presonus StudioChannel available from Factory Sound
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  • 1 channel with Class A 12AX7 vacuum-tube mic/instrument preamplifier
    • Gain control with +10 dB to +54 dB gain range
    • Tube Drive control
    • 48V phantom power switch
    • 80 Hz high-pass filter
    • -20 dB pad
    • Polarity-reverse switch
  • Fully Variable VCA compressor
    • Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold, and (makeup) Gain
    • Auto Attack/Release switch
    • Soft/Hard Knee switch
    • Bypass switch
  • 3-band parametric equalizer
    • Gain, Frequency, and Q controls (mid band)
    • Gain and Frequency controls (low and high bands)
    • Shelving/peak switches (low and high bands)
    • Switchable pre-/post-compressor
    • Bypass switch
  • Master level control
  • Backlit VU meter
    • Gain Reduction to Meter switch (selects gain reduction or output gain)
  • Input/Output
    • 1 unbalanced ¼” instrument input (front panel)
    • 1 balanced ¼” line input
    • 1 balanced XLR mic input
    • 1 balanced ¼” line output
    • 1 balanced XLR line output
  • Physical
  • 1U 19” rack-mountable, rugged steel chassis
  • Sealed, detented, metal rotary controls
  • External 16 VAC power supply