Beyerdynamic TGD35D

Compact, dynamic drum mic - supercardioid

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Beyerdynamic has taken a "listen to the drummer" approach to designing their compact TGD35D snare and tom microphone.

The housing is plastic (aside from the metal grille) – helping to keep the weight down, and super-compact to ensure that your tom microphone placement doesn’t interfere with cymbals.

The dynamic capsule can handle the high SPL from snare drums, and the supercardioid pickup pattern is nicely focussed on the drum you’re pointed at – not the rest of the kit.

MKV87 = function over form
Included with TGD35D is the quick, easy and secure rim-mountable MKV87 clamp. Although it doesn’t necessarily follow the smooth lines of some other rim-mounted options out there, MKV87 is spring-loaded, and the rubber teeth grip the rim of your drum for a snug and secure fit.

Of course, if space around the kit is not a factor in your studio or live environment, you can always use a dedicated microphone stand. The MKV87 is not permanently mounted to TG D35.

Photo of Beyerdynamic TGD35D available from Factory Sound
  • Tgd35
  • Tgd35-front
  • Tgd35-mkv87
  • Tgd35d-tom

TG D35 features:

  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Rugged plastic housing with metal grille
  • Perfect for toms and snare
  • Flexible use with all instruments with a high sound pressure level
  • Includes MKV 87 microphone clamp